History Trading Strategy Test Calculator

The strategy of this bot is a daily purchase of cryptocurrency on exchanges for a fixed amount and putting the purchased amount of currency for sale at a price several percent more expensive.

- Strategy Automatic: Autoconfigurations independently control the key parameters of the bot's work - the percentage of reinvestments and the percentage of sale of the depot. Read more
- Strategy Recommended : On the bot launch page, follow the direct recommendations on what currency to invest in and for how much to sell. The easiest option for a beginner without spending money on auto configuration
- Strategy Risk Management: Invest $ 30 per day in 10 crypto assets. If the asset began to give big profits - increase investment to $ 100. Choose coins through the top coins
- Strategy Forecasting for the month: Invest in profitable configurations from the top for the last month. If the configuration made a profit last month, it will probably produce the next one as well
- Strategy Basic: You invest in the basic configuration - we sell 33% 33% 34% depot at the price of 5%, 10%, 15% more, reinvest 5-10% of the balance. Check out test results of 5-10-15% strategies
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Depot 1,%: The sale price of 1 depot is higher than
the purchase price by: Depot 2,%: The sale price of 2 depots is higher than
the purchase price by: Depot 3,%: The sale price of 3 depots is higher than
the purchase price by:
Select the date range between which the calculator will trade.
The maximum range is 1 year.
The range per year is calculated 13 seconds.