Profitable strategy

Profitability from volatility waves, but not from price growth. The bot does not guess when the price goes up or down, it does not predict what kind of volatility it will be - it just buys a currency and places a sell order at a slightly higher price

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Price Drop Protection

The bot is constantly placing sell orders - all along the fall path, and since sooner or later the drop will stop, sooner or later the placed orders will begin to be executed and pay for themselves

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The bot buys and sells currency every day according to your api key according to your settings, showing both general and daily statistics, without interruptions, 24/7

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Advanced settings

The bot will break the purchased currency into a depot and sell each depot for its own percentage, and will also engage in reinvestments

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High volatility of cryptocurrencies will not last forever
Do not miss this opportunity

Income calculator

You can test certain settings on history in order to predict your profit

Mass tests

We launched the calculator hundreds of thousands of times, after conducting a full-fledged study of the profitability of various currencies with various settings that you can rely on



Two-factor authentication, password protection with a complex hash

10 day demo mode

After its completion - 0.01% commission on the amount of assets in launched bots daily, but not less than $ 0.1 for a successful launch of the configuration

A simple bot strategy - buy cryptocurrency,
Sell a couple of percent more expensive

Referral system with a 30-day cookie (50% of the deductions from the daily expenses of attracted users)

No to lotteries!

Investment strategy

The idea of ​​a bot implemented as a Hodlbot cloud service is simple. Every day he buys cryptocurrency for a certain amount of dollars (the amount of cryptocurrency chosen by you) (from $ 1). He buys and immediately puts up for sale several percent more expensive. When the order is executed and you take profit - the resulting balance also invests in addition to a fixed amount of expenses. Since the entire currency constantly jumps in price, then up and down - these waves can be caught and damped, stabilizing the market and earning.

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5 basic strategies for using the bot

The most popular strategies for our users

Strategy "Automatic"

Autoconfigurations independently control the key parameters of the bot's work - the percentage of reinvestments and the percentage of sale of the depot, leaving you the opportunity to change the amount of fixed expenses. Read more

Strategy "Recommended "

On the bot launch page, follow the direct recommendations on what currency to invest in and for how much to sell. The easiest option for a beginner without spending money on auto configuration

Strategy "Risk Management"

Invest $ 30 per day in 10 crypto assets. If the asset began to give large profits - increase investment to 100 $ per day. Choose coins through the top coins

Strategy "Forecasting for the month"

Invest in profitable configurations from the top for the last month. If the configuration made a profit last month, it will probably make a profit next month

Strategy "Basic "

You invest in the basic configuration - we sell 33% 33% 34% depot at the price of 5%, 10%, 15% more, reinvest 5-10% of the balance. Check out test results of 5-10-15% strategies


You can get it for free from 1 to 60 days by simply leaving a message on the forums

  • Demo
  • Free full-featured version - 10 days
  • $ 0 / 10 days
  • Bulk Test Results
  • Calculator
  • Top Analytics
  • Referral system
  • Launch your bots in an amount of up to 10 pieces
  • Login
  • Paid
  • Unlimited version
  • from $ 0.1 * / for launch the configuration
  • Bulk Test Results
  • Calculator
  • Top Analytics
  • Referral system
  • Starting your bots in an amount of 10 pieces
  • Login

* The service charges a commission of 0.01% of the value of assets in bots, but not less than $ 0.1 for one successful launch of the configuration (the launch occurs once a day)

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