Auto Configuration Price

Automatic configurations independently expose and update the percentage of sale of depots and reinvestments based on their internal algorithms, adjust to the market and strive to get the most profit.

Automatic adjustment of reinvestments allows you to quickly respond to market changes, significantly reduce losses with an average and long-term drop in the value of cryptocurrency (reinvestment of 0%), and also make a profit in the conditions of its growth by increasing reinvestment at the right time (but not more than 10%).

Automatic adjustment of the percentage of sale of the depot allows you to get additional profit in comparison with a fixed sale price.

Auto configurations eliminate the need to analyze key parameters, which is especially convenient if there are several configurations (to diversify risks and gain experience with the bot, we recommend starting from 10 configurations).

Autoconfigurations do not choose a coin - you choose it yourself based on your preferences and tops, but you can contact us at tech support so that we can do it for you for free.
Auto configuration type and Auto configuration objects Cost 35% discount on 10 configurations at a time
Full: Reinvestment + Percentage of sale 1,000 $ $ 6,500
Partial: Reinvestment 700 $ $ 4,550
Partial: Percentage of Sale 300 $ $ 1,950

Discount auto configurations are activated by contacting technical support (you must specify coins, exchanges and their API keys. API keys can be specified by referring to an existing configuration). To purchase autoconfiguration, replenish the balance by the required amount and select the type when the bot starts, after the launch the specified amount will be removed from the balance and the purchase act will be carried out. You can recreate a purchased auto-configuration through a request for technical support (another exchange / coin / reset of the current configuration). All auto configurations work at depot 33-33-34%