Fixed configuration test

Many users are wondering - which settings one choose? We tested 2 standard configurations, which showed that in order to make a profit it is not necessary to deeply analyze the market.
Depot sale settings were tested for 5-10-15% and 3-6-9%. In the example below, we conduct test results of 3-6-9%.
For example, an asset value of 500% means that you would invest $ 1,000 and return $ 5,000.
Tests were conducted with the condition of a starting balance of $ 10,000 - this allows the bot to get into work faster and show the result.
By constantly investing, you lower real income indicators by mixing it with new capital. We excluded this factor and showed the results of long-term investment

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The lower the percentage of reinvestments, the better the bot resists a long-term price reduction!
100% reinvestment - only with confidence in the growth of the crypto asset. For long-term investments, use a filter of no higher than 10%, ideally 3%, 2%, 1%